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Think BIG - Shop SMALL with SA Performance

SA Performance is proud to be one of the ONLY independent air compressor lubricant suppliers, available to the aftermarket.

Here are 3 REASONS to Shop Small with SA Performance! #1 Better Customer Service One of the biggest advantages small businesses like SA Performance have over big business, is the ability to provide more personable and memorable customer service. Here are a few ways we exceed our customers' expectations on a daily basis:

  • If an order comes in at 3:00 and needs to go out the same day, we will deliver it to the UPS terminal to guarantee our customer receives their order on time.

  • Need a cross reference? Simply call, and speak to a real person every time.

  • Beyond logistical support, we provide our distributors with marketing assistance, and training opportunities for their teams.

  • The people you speak with at SA Performance are the decision makers! No waiting for approval from a person you’ve never met before.

#2 True OEM Equivalent Fluids at an Aftermarket Price Did you know, that small businesses have just as much access to vendors that big businesses do? At SA Performance, we have the economies of scale of the major players – without the overhead! This allows us to provide a comprehensive line of premium OEM equivalent fluids, at an aftermarket price. #3 Agile & Fast Decision Making Small business sparks innovation, and at SA Performance, we are continuously looking for ways to improve our product line and the customer experience. Our small, but dedicated team is able to roll out new products and programs in days - not months, or years…like our big business counterparts. Learn More About Our NEW Performance Pails

From our team of Air Compressor Experts to YOURS, we wish you a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Contact US today to learn more about the SA Performance difference.


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