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Is Your Lubricant Supplier ISO 9001 Certified? Learn Why This Certification Benefits You.

As someone who is involved in making lubricant supply and purchasing decisions in your company, you are likely familiar with ISO 9001 certification – the internationally recognized Quality Management System (QMS) designed to hold companies accountable for the production of highly consistent, quality products and services.

What type of companies seek ISO 9001 certification?

According to, over one million companies in 170 countries are certified ISO 9001. The type of organizations who seek certification value Customer Relationships, Continual Process Improvement, and Accountability to their Customers and Stakeholders.

How does ISO 9001 certification benefit you?

  • Provides you and your organization with confidence in choosing capable supply partners who can consistently meet or exceed your expectations, and comply with QMS regulations.

  • In the event that you are not satisfied with the products you receive, your supplier is responsible for investigating your complaint, and must take corrective action. If they do not correct an ongoing problem, you can lodge a formal complaint. In turn, an official audit by the supplier’s certification body will take place.

Not all lubricant manufacturers are ISO 9001 Certified….is yours?

Due to the strict QMS standards required of ISO 9001 certification, not all lubricant manufacturers undergo the certification process. Why?

  • The certification process is expensive.

  • It may require a company to drastically change their processes.

  • Re-certification involves regular audits to re-issue a certificate of conformity to ISO 9001 standards.

YOU the customer, can have total confidence that SA Performance only provides lubricants that are manufactured and blended in ISO 9001 facilities. In fact, our lubricant partners go beyond ISO 9001, with ISO 14001 certification.

Learn more about the Seven Quality Management Principles related to ISO 9001, by checking out this article from

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