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New! Performance Pail

  • Less risk of injury to Service Techs

    • Half the weight to pour - reducing risk of back injury

    • Easier to carry than a 5 gallon pail

      • Allows for balanced weight distribution when carrying two performance pails outside of the case.

    • Meets OSHA requirements for RWL (recommended weight limit)

      • Case hand-holds allow Service Tech to carry weight load close to the body, per OSHA recommendation

  • Smart Design Features

    • Built-in handle vent allows for smooth oil pour through 2.5" larger spout

    • Rear oil level indicator

    • 40% less HDPE to recycle

  • Same Total Number of Gallons - Same Price

    • Two performance pails packaged per case, 5 total gallons

    • Same price for one case as a single 5 gallon traditional pail

    • Private labeling available


The 2.5 gallon Performance Pail is only available from SA Performance.

Contact Us today for more information.

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