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SA Performance is committed to  providing the best compressor lubricants in the industry. The SA Performance line of lubricants provide unsurpassed service life while ensuring clean and trouble-free operation.  All SA Performance lubricants are designed to reach 100% fluid life at 200°F.  Our comprehensive product line is made up of equivalent fluids for use in the rotary screw, centrifugal, and reciprocating compressor markets; as well as the vacuum pump and blower markets.

New! Dura-Life FG | Exclusive to SA Performance

Rated for 12,000+ hours at 200° F, Dura-Life FG uses an optimized blend of antiwear agents, rust inhibitors, and antioxidants.  This high-performance lubricant was designed to withstand harsh operating environments. Dura-Life FG’s patented technology preserves and protects food-grade lubricant from microbial contamination in food-processing plants. Certified USDA/NSF H1 compliant, FDA 21 CFR 178.35 compliant, Kosher and Parve certified.


True PAG

SAP 8000 series is specially formulated as a direct equivalent for major OEM rotary screw PAG coolants.  The formula is derived from the same philosophy used for those OEM PAG coolants with approximately 73% polyalkylene glycol and 17% pentaerythritol ester.  This fluid is designed for 8,000 hours and has excellent heat transfer, a high flash point and resists both varnish as well as oxidation.

Extended Life True PAG

SAP 8120 series is designed exclusively for rotary screw air compressor applications in applications where the compressor is exposed to elevated temperatures for extended periods of time.  With an extended life up to 50% greater than typical OEM PAG formulations, this 12,000 hour compressor coolant is unmatched by our competitors.


PAG Replacement

SAP 7000 series is specially formulated as a replacement for most rotary screw PAG coolants and require no flush before a change-over.  The SAP 7000 series uses a blend of esters to ensure compatibility while containing no PAG base oils.  This fluid is designed for 8,000 hours of operation while offering excellent heat transfer properties, a high flash point, and resistance to varnish and premature oxidation.


Universal Fluid
With OEM equivalent performance, the SAP1000 series fluid is designed to provide synthetic lubricant performance to meet or exceed OEM compressor fluids. The SAP1000 series is designed for 8,000 hours at 200 F. Our SAP1000 series is carefully formulated to be compatible with most compressor fluids including: polyglycols, polyol esters, diesters, and synthetic hydrocarbons.

It is not compatible with silicone-based fluids, such as Sullair’s 24KT.

*Sullair 24KT is a registered trademark of Sullair Corp.

Semi Synthetic

SAP 4000 series is comprised of highly refined synthetic base oils and is rated for 4,000 hours.  When placed against comparable fluids available on the market, this fluid has a higher flash point, which improves safety and increases thermal stability. This fluid is commonly used in dusty/dirty environments or in partial duty rotary screws, which do not require an 8,000 hour run time lubricant.

SH Synthetic Lubricant

SAP 3000 series is a synthetic fluid for rotary screw compressors, designed for 8,000 hours of operation.  This proven fluid has outstanding thermal stability, resistance to oxidation, a low pour point, and high flash point, while protecting the compressor against corrosion, rust, and wear.  SAP 3000 series is a direct replacement for many PAO style lubricants commonly used by OEM’s.

Partial Synthetic

SAP 2000 series is a synthetic blend lubricant designed for reciprocating and rotary screw compressors.  This product offers extended drain intervals compared to petroleum oils and reduces carbon and varnish buildup, lowering maintenance costs.

Extended Life POE

SAP 6000 series utilizes proprietary base stocks to provide the ultimate in synthetic lubricant performance for rotary screw air compressors.  It combines excellent corrosion protection, long life, and energy efficiency with varnish-free performance.  This fluid provides the extra protection needed to run in high operating temperatures or applications exceeding 8,000 hours between fluid changes. It has a rated life of 12,000 hours.


SAP 9500 series silicone is a long life fluid with no recommended change intervals under normal operating conditions.  A very high viscosity index provides minimum viscosity variance over the operating temperature range and eliminates sludge, carbon, and varnish build-up in your rotary screw air compressor.

Food Grade

SAP 9000 series and the extended life SAP 9080 series offers food grade compressor lubricant solutions for rotary screw, rotary vane and reciprocating compressors meeting the requirements of the food and beverage industry. All SA Performance food grade lubricants are registered with NSF for H1 applications.


SAP 5000 series uses high quality diester base oils protecting against carbon formation, ensuring clean and trouble-free operation.  A wide range of fluids are available in this series for rotary screw, rotary vane and reciprocating air compressors.

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