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24 Hour Shipping Guarantee

SA Performance is committed to providing FAST & RELIABLE SERVICE.

Our large inventory of pre-filled and packaged products removes production and packaging time from the order fulfillment process, allowing for quick turnaround. With SA Performance, you can count on 24-hour shipping and free freight on qualifying orders of synthetic or semi synthetic.

Marketing & Logistics Made Easy

  • Professional in-house marketing support

  • Private labeling to promote your brand

  • Free freight on full pallets, mix and match products

  • Blind direct shipments

  • Order ANY QUANTITY you want, including partial skids

  • All of our lubricants are blended in an ISO 9001 facility

About SA Performance

SA Performance was founded by air compressor experts, for air compressor distributors. We offer the economies of scale and security of the larger players, while still being small enough to provide the personal level of support you should come to expect from your lubricant supplier. Contact us today to learn more.

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