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Varnish Resistant Formula Equals 12,000 Hours of Worry-Free Performance


Over the past few weeks we’ve introduced you to DURA-LIFE FG – our NEW 12,000+ hour lubricant designed to withstand extreme conditions in H1 environments, while improving compressor performance.

Here is Reason #3 to try this revolutionary Food Grade lubricant.

Food Grade typically fails at a much higher rate than industrial synthetic lubricant, which can result in big problems…


DURA-LIFE FG doesn’t just avoid the formation of varnish - this high-quality formulation helps dissolve and transfer particulate inside compressor to the oil filter. PAO’s and other hydrocarbon-based fluids are incapable of eliminating “sludging” and deposit forming tendencies. Enhanced wear protection helps extend compressor performance and lifespan. Comprehensive long-life protection against incidental contact, equates to reduced maintenance costs and peace of mind.

Sound too good to be true? Contact us today, we’ll put together a trial program for you.

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