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Protect Against Microbial Contamination with DURA-LIFE FG

Last week we introduced you to DURA-LIFE FG – our NEW 12,000+ hour lubricant designed to withstand extreme conditions in H1 environments, while improving compressor performance.

Here is Reason #2 to try this high-performance lubricant:

Comprehensive long-life protection against incidental contact, equates to reduced maintenance costs and peace of mind.

  • DURA-LIFE FG’s patented technology preserves and protects food-grade lubricant from microbial contamination in food-processing plants.

  • A first in food-grade lubricants, this technology has proven effective in protecting the lubricant against yeast, mold, bacteria, and food-borne microorganisms over extended lubrication intervals.

  • This patented technology is NSF-registered HX1 (ingredients for use in H1 Lubricants).

Sound too good to be true? Contact us today, we’ll put together a trial program for you.

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