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The Value of SA Performance

Simple Air Performance was founded nearly three years ago with a goal of providing the best compressor lubricants in the industry. Starting from zero, we have established a distributor network spanning 15 states across the country and growing rapidly.

So, why would these established distributors choose to move their existing vendor relationships to us? Why would they change? How do you overcome the FUD factor (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) in changing vendors? And, then of course, there is the risk of affecting your customer satisfaction level if you make a bad buying decision.

Our customers see great value in what we bring to the table and how we operate as it relates to helping them be more successful. We focus on the basics in a manner that will exceed your expectations as it relates to these core requirements:

  • Quality

  • Service

  • Support

  • Loyalty

  • Price


  • Lubricants manufactured in a ISO9001:2008 Facility

  • Provides improvements to consistency of product output

  • Quality is constantly measured

  • Advanced formulations for increased performance

  • Group III, extremely pure base fluids

  • Advanced additive packages

  • Longer life, equal to or better than other synthetics


  • Large inventory in our warehouse

  • No minimum order

  • 24 hour shipping

  • Blind direct shipments available from our blender location

  • Oil Sampling program

  • Convenient, direct shipping to lab by you or your customer

  • Results typically in 24 hours

  • Online machine history available

  • Private labeling program

  • Container labels

  • MSDS sheets

  • Tech Data sheets

  • Free to our customers

  • Free freight program on qualifying orders

  • Full service, in-house machining, company owned air end rebuild shop

  • Standard and Extended warranty programs


  • Industrial compressor experts; lubricants are our specialty

  • Owners 55+ years compressors and lubricants experience includes

  • OEM experience

  • Distributor experience

  • Independent rep experience for multiple industrial compressor lines

  • Operations Manager 20+ years lubricant experience

  • Customer service

  • Inventory control

  • Warehouse management

  • Product Development Manager 35+ years formulations

  • STLE and CLS certified

  • Developed multiple formulas for nationally recognized OEM lubricants while at Dow Chemical

  • Graphic designer on staff

  • Private Labeling

  • Marketing materials

  • Sales cards

  • Personalized design (logo, color scheme, font, label size, etc.)

  • Custom to your own nomenclature or product name


  • We maintain a customer advocacy position to reduce your risk, increase your margins and help you grow your market

  • We only sell to distribution - never to your customers, the end users

  • Personal, professional and respectful interactions

  • Assist, advise, consult, help and guide

  • Simplify the process

  • Earn your business with each transaction


  • Value-based to protect your margins

  • Agressive, competitive pricing

Our Mission

SA Performance will consistently challenge the norm, question, improve, and drive change even under the best of circumstances. We will trust our employees, motivate and empower them to go beyond their duties and excel in their responsibilities. Air compressor lubricants are our specialty, but customer service is our focus.

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